With the average cost of a wedding exceeding $25,000, excluding the honeymoon, more Americans are choosing affordable financing with unsecured personal loans.

Engagement Ring Financing

Have you decided to pop the question to your loved one? Let's make sure they say yes! With a WeddingLender Engagement Ring Loan, your partner's dream proposal and ring can be a reality.

Whether you want to take a vacation and propose under the Eiffel Tower or purchase the ring that will promise a 'yes', WeddingLender can provide the engagement ring financing that makes it happen!

WeddingLender understands not everyone has time to save up for their engagement or wedding. After all, some couples get married within a year or less of meeting. (Sometimes, you both just "know".)

Other times, it's sweeter to let love grow... But, now that you know:

Apply for a WeddingLender engagement ring loan today and within a week you can have the funds in your bank account. Our fast online loan application allows you to calculate your low rate and select a timeframe that works for you - all before you submit the application.

Your credit is not affected by checking your rate, so... don't wait!

Get an engagement ring loan up to $35,000.
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WeddingLender Financial Services:

Wedding expenses can be difficult to track, but our loans can finance the catering, dresses, entertainment, travel, venue rental - and more. In addition to standard wedding loans, WeddingLender offers engagement ring loans, honeymoon loans, and even baby & adoption loans to give couples the opportunity to refinance.

Applying for any WeddingLender loan can allow you to pay for all your wedding bills from one source. No credit card juggling, no early repayment penalties, and your interest rate will never change. Learn about the loan interest rates or use our simple loan payment calculator to estimate total cost and monthly payments.

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